Over 30 years experience manufacturing Stainless Steel Dished Ends

Over 30 years experience manufacturing Stainless Steel Dished Ends


It is thanks to everybody’s work if F.B. Inox has been growing to the point we are now“: these were the words of the visibly touched company owner, Mirco Nardo, at the company’s foundation’s 20th anniversary party.

Honesty, dedication, improvement, search for quality and enhancement of the work force (a “second family“) are the corporate values that we have been pursuing since the company’s foundation and that are currently being upheld by the second generation.


Product quality, technical expertise, dedication and continuous improvement continue to be the base on which this solid company is founded and that over the years has succeeded in increasing exportations by 30%, thereby keeping ahead of international competitors in these hard times of globalization and global crisis. Our specialization in the processing of stainless steel and our collection over the years of prestigious international ISO 9001 quality management certifications for the manufacturing of pressure equipment has won us a solid position on the world market in the production of stainless steel dished ends for tanks and cisterns.

Our future investments are focused on expanding the offering and our exportations by making delivery faster, by improving our customer service and by technologically upgrading our production processes.


Back in 1998, with already 30 years of professional experience in the production and sale of dished ends, Mirco Nardo, an entrepreneur from Albignasego, with the help of his wife Tosca and of his newly graduated son, decided to invest all of his energies into giving life to his big dream: opening a company that would manufacture stainless steel dished ends that would make the difference by basing its production on the high quality of the products and on the well-being of the staff.

This is how F.B. Inox Srl started off in Padua. ‘F.B. Inox’ means ‘Fondi Bombati in Acciaio Inox’ (stainless steel dished ends). In the first years of activity, Mirco travelled hundreds of kilometres every day to present his products and processes to potential clients in the regions of Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, and would work late into the night to finish the first orders, sacrificing his time with his young family and loved ones. These initial sacrifices were compensated in later years by the positive trend in the sector and in the creation of a small but solid company with a staff of 20 and an output capacity of over 12,000 tank ends a year. Following Mirco’s death after a long period of illness, the company is now led by his son Davide who, from the start when he was 20, has worked alongside his father and has followed in his footsteps, contributing to expanding the company’s export sector to over 28 countries and to the revamping and digitalization of all management and production processes.


None of us can do great things, but we can all do small things with great love, and together we can do something wonderful. (Mother Teresa)